I love when you become so close with someone that you can see parts of each other in one another and you begin to say the same things and steal lines from one another and have a similar sense of humor and can exchange an inside joke with just a glance you don’t even have to talk because you have such a strong connection with them and you can sit in comfortable silence but also talk for hours it’s really hard to find that kind of compatibility

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The first week never ends.
The second week flies by.
And you’d give up anything for the third to last longer.

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"how are you single?"


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Oh shut up. Every time it rains, it stops raining. Every time you hurt, you heal. After darkness, there is always light and you get reminded of this every morning but still you choose to believe that the night will last forever. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good or the bad. So you might as well smile while you’re here.

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Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.

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.3702 by hildagrahnat on Flickr.

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I miss you, but fuck you.

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For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.

So collapse.
This is not your destruction.

This is your birth.

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44/365 The Architect Stereotype by M. Klasan on Flickr.

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Olivia Rae James

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